Eric Vilardel
Head of Business Communication & Sponsoring
In 2014, the communication department needed a platform to manage and organise all of group Amundi’s video activity.

In order to retrieve all the projets created by the various sales and marketing teams, we subscribed to YouScreenIt.

This simple and ergonomic tool allowed all of our correspondents to upload and share their online projects. Within one year, we have managed to combine more than 300 projects.

By reducing the amount of storage used on our serveurs, minimising the need for endless conversations and exchanges and by providing an opportunity to access live comments, this quick and easy solution has received large support.

After being used initially by twenty of France’s internal clients, we now turn our attention towards achieving an international audience. The goal is to support our 30 clients by guaranteeing them the use of our video guidelines but leaving it to the internal management teams to look after the content.

This tool meets every management and organisational requirement whilst allowing our teams to be autonomous with their own projects.