Emmanuel Sajot
Head of post-production
Escazal Films
When we decided, at Escazal Films, to dematerialize the visualisation of the rushes for the TV series 'Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie', the online platform YouScreenIt seemed to be the most adapted solution to our needs: a sober and elegant design, a simple, practical, well thought interface … in other words excellent ergonomics. Also the application performs very well while accessing the content, all our users realy enjoy their experience.

We also have been convinced by the simplicity offered to the administrator of the account and to the assistant editor who publishes the rushes.
We are only using a small subset of the features YouScreenIt offers.
Indeed the possibilities of annotation and exchange are diverse!

We are using the platform mainly to tag our sequences, but we could use it in various stages of the post-production during the validation of sequences or movies. And perhaps also from the preparation of movies, to share and comment on work in progress titles or castings for example.